When suspended from a harness, about 40 feet high, the term dangling in mid air assumes a new meaning. “Especially when you have a severe fear of heights like I do. I was petrified to say the least,” exclaims Pranita recalling an action episode from her upcoming release Dynamite.

Pranitha Subhash Did All Her Stunts In Dynamite Movie

Pranitha Subhash Did All Her Stunts In Dynamite Movie

The Bangalore-based actress admits to have suffered quite a few bruises filming for the stunts in the movie. “Dynamite is an action film and unlike usual action episodes where the heroine is sidelined once the villain enters or anything kickass is happening, this film will see me on the run along with the hero and I am in the midst of all the action. I did all my stunts and suffered quite a few minor injuries — nothing that put me out of action. Once while sliding under a table, I hurt my knee badly. But everyday on the sets as soon as I saw my role, I would get scared and say that I can’t do it. But my fight master Vijayan used to insist that I do it,” says Pranitha, who is paired opposite Vishnu Manchu in the movie directed by Deva Katta.

The actress plays a fiercely independent city girl, Anamika, whose life gets turned on it’s head one day because of a quirk of fate. “An incident that takes place in her life changes the course of the story. It is a very interesting character and even the adaptation of the role from the original (the film is a remake of Tamil movie Arima Nambi) has been tweaked slightly to suit the sensibilities of the Telugu audiences,” she explains. Dynamite, produced by Vishnu Manchu under Twenty Frames Factory, is releasing tomorrow.

Pranitha is working with Vishnu for the second time in this film after Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummeda. She reckons Vishnu the actor is more fun than Vishnu the producer. “He is very serious as a producer and totally dedicated and fun as an actor. We were competitive on the sets and used to see who is going to finish a particular scene in one shot, especially in the action bits.”

Image Courtesy:Timesofindia.com